Which brand of body worn camera is good?

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The body worn camera originates from the evolution of the driving recorder. This industry product does not need to be entangled with the brand. Unlike consumer electronics, there are giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. They are basically made in Shenzhen, China, and are mainly integrated. The so-called XX big brands are just OEM. Therefore, the choice of body worn camera source depends on cost performance, as follows:


3c is a national security compulsory certification to ensure your basic security. Overseas is to have CE

Network format

There is a stand-alone version with a 4G version. The stand-alone version is basically used without a network, with a small number of recordings, less file management requirements, simpler functions, and more affordable. The 4G version is generally equipped with a platform that can track playback, electronic fences, real-time Video, intercom, remote monitoring, patrol and other rich features, of course, the price will also be high, the general platform software also has to be charged annually

Assembly line method

The assembly line method of the body worn camera is generally fixed on the body of the duty staff. There are now alligators, electromagnetic field back clips, shoulder clips and other accessories on the market. Among them, the electromagnetic field back clip is more sturdy and generally Can't be dragged out.

Number of cameras

body worn cameras generally submit orders for many people to shoot, double and triple shots. Among them, the three Shenyang surveillance cameras are more versatile. One front camera is used for self-portrait maps and collaboration; the rear dual camera is used for video recording and one sub camera is used for photo shooting. Under the condition of recording video surveillance system, it can turn on the function of camera.

Appearance specifications

The standard specifications and models are all ultra-small, medium- and small-sized. The advantages of ultra-small are lightweight, obvious defects, and small battery capacity. For standby, if there is long-term continuous use, plug-in rechargeable batteries can be fully considered

Display size

1.5 inch, 2.0 inch, 2.4 inch, no display, etc. Generally 2.4 is the main product, which can be touched. This also depends on the application scenario


Generally, the body worn camera is not embedded in the storage, and it depends on the expansion of the memory card. If it is a MicroSD card expansion or an SD card expansion, the capacity is 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, 128G. The customer-centric video storage requirements can be larger. According to their own requirements, the larger the storage, the greater the price of body worn cameras. It will be higher, generally according to the picture quality of the body worn camera video and the storage of Shenyang surveillance cameras to manage the decision of how much storage is suitable for purchase, high-definition body worn cameras are 720p and 1080p, 16G card recording 720p The video can only be recorded for about 4 hours. The indoor space design occupied by 1080p video is nearly twice that of 720p. Also, the memory card should generally choose the speed card class10, otherwise the video will be interrupted during video recording.

Video pixels and format files

The pixel and frame rate of audio and video files are an important indicator to consider the image quality of body worn cameras. The market for body worn cameras is divided into four types: clear, high definition, ultra clear, and ultra clear. HD body worn cameras have 720p @ 30FPS. , 720p @ 60FPS, 1080p @ 30FPS, 1080p @ 60FPS, there is 1296P @ 30FPS in Super Clear. H.265 format files are better than H.264. H.265 occupies a smaller interior space design with the same picture quality. Of course, the integrated service platform can analyze H.265 format files before they can be played. There are still some computers. Consumer playback software does not allow H.265 analysis.

Shooting pixels

Generally there are several kinds of shooting pixels, 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 120 degrees, 140 degrees, 150 degrees, 170 degrees and so on. The body worn cameras of the main products are equipped with a 120-degree or 140-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. A single ultra-wide-angle lens cannot reach a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, and even if the 170-degree page is guaranteed, the page will be seriously deformed, which will hurt the clarity of the page.

Video picture quality

According to the division of picture quality, body worn cameras include: 300,000 picture quality and 1.3 million picture quality, 2 million picture quality, and 5 million picture quality. Some indicate 12 million, 36 million, and 48 million picture quality refer to still photography. It is not a video picture quality value.

Current Warranty Policy

This is undoubtedly a top priority. Try to choose a network platform to buy it. It is good to have a three-party monitor. Or the contract is better.

Summary: The shooting technique of Shenyang surveillance camera is a little bigger, which is good for recording the surrounding situation in multiple directions. However, it should be noted that the angle of the ultra-wide-angle lens should not be exaggerated too much to prevent distortion of the pages shot.

The body worn camera should have very good shooting quality and professional ability to shoot at night. High definition is determined by the main control chip of the body worn camera. In this situation, the owner must pay attention to what kind of image processing plan is the main control chip of the body worn camera. It is also necessary for body worn cameras to have sufficient storage space to maintain long-term effective shooting.

The main product image processor format files are MOV, avi, H.264 format files. If the body worn camera does not reach 30 frames per second, the video will freeze and be unsmooth under the 1080P shooting method. Under the 720P shooting method, at least it is necessary to ensure that the human eyes can blend in at 24 frames per second to see the smooth and clear video page.

According to the national ccc certification quality management center's body worn camera regulations, all try to get 3C certification before they can be sold on the market. Therefore, shop buyers must choose carefully when choosing a well-known brand, and purchase 3C certified reliable manufacturers to ensure safety.

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